My adoraBOY





with Dindin and Ethan








say niyo dito, may maskot pa sila!


wala na sa mood…


kaya nag”mi-mi” muna




with the not so itsy bitsy spiders


can’t get him to look at the camera talaga! haay…


There was a meet and greet event with the Sesame Street characters at ATC last Saturday. Unfortunately, we came in late (thanks to ms. customer service associate who informed me that the activity wouldn’t end until 6pm!). What was left for us to see and take photos with were the big Cookie Monster and Elmo inflatables. We didn’t even have the chance to take pics with Cookie since he was already being deflated when we got to the activity area. Good thing they let Elmo stand for a while thus were able to take a few pictures:

manu, mommy, and elmo

manu, mommy, and elmo_2

And since we were not able to participate in the meet and greet activity, we just went to one of Manu’s favorite place in the mall — Timezone 😀

throwing balls at stitchshooting balls the manu way“daddy i want to play tekken too”




It was Manu’s first dental appointment a couple of Saturdays ago. I was excited and anxious at the same time – excited since this will be one his “first” experiences; anxious since I was already expecting a lot of crying and wailing.

Manu has always been well-behaved during his regular visits to the doctor. He never cried during check-ups (except for the vaccinations but it only lasted for a few minutes), never refused to be examined, never threw a fit. So why would I be worried about a visit to the dentist? (continue reading…)

Thanks, Mich, for the tag! Here’s what my desktop wallpaper looks like:


kelly’s wallpaper


Can you see how macho my boys are? LOL! (continue reading…)

Here are some pictures from Manu’s TLG class last Saturday:

happy at TLGManu at TLGManu at TLGManu at TLG

at the balance beamat the balance beam, now with mom holding one hand onlyat the swing bartrying out a more advanced skill at the bar

tuck your head in!…and roll!monkey jump!

with other kidsobserving other kidsManu observing other kids

Parang dinilaan ng kambing

That’s how Gats describes my newly straightened hair.

Three days after my eight hour (yes! 8 solid hours) rebonding session with Ben, my hair is as oily as fried lumpia. Of course I hate it, but I could not do anything about it because of the 3-day “do not wet hair” rule. Oh well, tomorrow is just a few hours a way… (I purposely didn’t take before and after pictures because: 1. the camera was inside the car and i was so tamad na to get it; 2. ben finished doing my hair at 12 midnight – i was so tired and sleepy to take any more pics)


I was so looking forward to Manu’s first day at The Little Gym last Saturday. You see, these 45-minute sessions are bonding moments between mommy and Manu, and despite of the as-if-i-worked-out-myself activities, I always cherish every session. It was just so so unfortunate that I caught the cold virus a day before. It was really bad that I decided to just let daddy be the parent inside the gym area. I just watched the mag-ama from outside the facility (as in sa labas ng TLG area).


I met a pregnant mommy while I was watching the birds class. She was also watching her 10-month old girl during the session. She also has a son currently enrolled in the beasties class. It amazed me that her kids’ ages are less than a year apart, and yet, she doesn’t seem to mind at all. My reaction comes from the fact that while Gats and I discuss loads about child spacing, it seems that some parents don’t worry about it.


Yaya Wella, who took care of Manu since he was a newborn, has asked permission to leave work. Honestly, I kinda saw it coming already because of kutob (sa totoo lang, magaling akong kumutob). I also noticed that she was looking tired and haggard during the past weeks. She reasoned that she can not take care of my baby properly any longer because of her sickness (ovarian cyst), which has caused her a great deal of physical pain. So I’m currently looking for a new yaya. I pray to find someone who can be as trustworthy and reliable as her. And someone who could love Manu as much as yaya Wella does.

I had the chance to watch a few morning shows during my two-week stint as Manu’s nanny last June, and had stumbled upon a couple of Nick Jr. cartoons that I absolutely adored:

1. The Backyardigans



I had come across this cartoon series during one of Manu’s morning naps. Right after he dozed off, I wanted to check what was on at the Lifestyle channel but I couldn’t get myself to change the numbers because I was so fascinated with the dancing prowess of these characters. Heck, they could even pass as Britney’s back-up dancers!

I’m certain that toddlers love this show because of the wonderful animation, the lovable characters and their amazing adventures, and can’t-help-but-dance-to-the-beat music. Personally, I love this show because I, Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, Tasha, and Austin have the same love for dance.

2. The Wonderpets



The Wonderpets is a cartoon show where three classroom pets (Tuck the turtle, Linny the guinea pig, and Ming-Ming, the duckling-my personal favorite) travel around the world to rescue animals that need their help.

What I like about this cartoon series is how they promote the concept of teamwork. Despite the size of these cute and cuddly animals, they go and rescue their kind n times their size. They succeed in every adventure not because of super powers (which they don’t have anyway), but because of teamwork. As the show’s famous tagline goes: “What’s gonna work? Teamwork!”

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