• Wife to George Anthony R. Uy a.k.a. Gats. Mother to Emmanuel Alejandro, a.k.a. Manu
  • eldest (and prettiest. bwahahaha!) among the five children of Rudy and Linda Verano
  • had first boyfriend at age 12
  • had heart broken at age 14
  • always had a brush in her pocket during 6th grade
  • mababaw ang luha
  • loves to dance and would want to learn more
  • wanted to become a fashion designer (still longs for it sometimes)
  • loves dressing up
  • feels naked without earrings
  • met The Husband at age 16. Became His girlfriend at age 18. Became His wife a few days shy of her 28th birthday
  • never liked cooking
  • afraid of flying
  • utusera (haaay… the benefits of being a panganay…)
  • doesn’t like reading
  • hi-lo addict
  • a certified “C.O.O.”
  • loves Korean food
  • quiet
  • bitchdom member wannabe

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