There was a meet and greet event with the Sesame Street characters at ATC last Saturday. Unfortunately, we came in late (thanks to ms. customer service associate who informed me that the activity wouldn’t end until 6pm!). What was left for us to see and take photos with were the big Cookie Monster and Elmo inflatables. We didn’t even have the chance to take pics with Cookie since he was already being deflated when we got to the activity area. Good thing they let Elmo stand for a while thus were able to take a few pictures:

manu, mommy, and elmo

manu, mommy, and elmo_2

And since we were not able to participate in the meet and greet activity, we just went to one of Manu’s favorite place in the mall — Timezone 😀

throwing balls at stitchshooting balls the manu way“daddy i want to play tekken too”