I was at the salon last Tuesday for my monthly hair treatment. I didn’t realize that it was already over a month since I had a haircut, and I almost forgot that I told Jen I’d take pictures of my new ‘do. I’m a bit dyahe na to post my pic but what the heck.

New Do’New Do’

My hair was done by Louis Phillip Kee of Razzle Dazzle Salon. I stumbled upon the name as I was doing an internet search on top stylists in Manila. Raves about the salon’s international creative director were here and there. Even before this, I had already read about Razzle Dazzle in the pages of fashion magazines as they are listed as one of the must-go-to salons in the metropolis.

So, do they live up to their reputation?

I’d say yes. The salon is posh and upscale. The staff are friendly and courteous. The products, top of the line. And best of all, Louis’ cut was excellent. Another factor that makes the salon unique is Louis’ personalized approach to his clients. I was very much surprised when he himself sent me an sms asking how my hair was. This was the first time a stylist made such a gesture.

So am I finally closing my doors on other salons?

Not yet. I still would like to experience a haircut from Pin, Henri, and Jing (first name basis noh, feeling close!)