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THE RULES – List of 8

  • write 8 facts about yourself.
  • in the 8 facts, you share 8 things that your readers don’t know about you. at the end, you tag as much other bloggers to keep the fun going. each blogger must post these rules first.
  • each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
  • at the end of the post, a blogger needs to choose as much people to get tagged and list their names.
  • don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

  1. I don’t like initiating conversations, that’s why–
  2. I get nervous when meeting new people
  3. I took flamenco classes three years ago
  4. The first thing I look at in a hotel room is its bathroom. I whine endlessly if it does not meet my standards
  5. I always wear slippers when in a bathroom other than mine. If a pair is not around, I have to have one before I could use the bathroom.
  6. I had a huge crush on Randy Santiago back in elementary, that I sent him a snail mail expressing my fondness for him (yaaaak!)
  7. I hate losing!
  8. I am planning to take up a course in one of the fashion schools in Manila

I am tagging Aiza and Feng