As soon as I saw Toni’s tag, I knew I had to do it immediately as I am now planning on what to give hubby this Christmas. I haven’t given him gifts for two important occasions already – our anniversary and his birthday (my bad!), so I will make bawi this Christmas by giving him a special gift.

Gats likes smartphones so I was thinking of getting him a new one to replace his P990i. For the past few days I’ve been asking him all about smartphones (I think my asking was still discreet since he had the impression that I was the one who wanted to buy one.) and because of my persistent questioning, I got to know his top choices:


Nokia e90

Nokia e90


Sony Ericsson P1i

Sony P1i


and Motorizr Z8 (not available locally)

Motorizr Z8 Motorizr Z8_2


So guys, what do you think? I have the e90 and p1i as my top two choices. The rizr is out of the question since I don’t know when Motorola Philippines will launch the model. Feedback and comments will be appreciated!