It was Manu’s first dental appointment a couple of Saturdays ago. I was excited and anxious at the same time – excited since this will be one his “first” experiences; anxious since I was already expecting a lot of crying and wailing.

Manu has always been well-behaved during his regular visits to the doctor. He never cried during check-ups (except for the vaccinations but it only lasted for a few minutes), never refused to be examined, never threw a fit. So why would I be worried about a visit to the dentist?

We arrived at Asian Hospital an hour ahead of our appointment because we skipped the TLG class (We were already 20 minutes late so I decided not to let Manu attend anymore. We could make up for the missed class anyway). As I entered the clinic, I was already hearing a little girl’s cry! By now, I was even more nervous! Images of Manu crying on the dentist’s chair were already playing in my mind. Yikes! What would I do if he just refused to be looked at? I brushed off these thoughts as the secretary (who was in a scrub suit and cap, by the way) asked me to fill up the patient information sheet. The secretary mentioned about the playroom since she noticed that my toddler wasn’t with me yet. Oh good. They have a playroom. Manu could relax before the check-up. After completing the questionnaire, I called Gats, Manu, and yaya inside (at this point, the little girl who was crying was still sitting on the dentist’s chair with her mom and still crying. I crossed my fingers and hoped that Manu wouldn’t think any of it). While in the playroom, Gats took photos of Manu tinkering with the shape sorter and other toys. I, meanwhile, was eavesdropping on the dentist and her patient-family’s chitchat. A few minutes later, they finally said their goodbyes. In a few minutes, Dra. Hazel Tala entered the play area with a warm smile. We exchanged hello’s and how-are-you’s and then proceeded to answer questions about Manu’s medical history. We were also asked about his food and milk intake i.e., how many meals does he take daily, what juices he drinks, what sweets we give him, etc. Dra. Tala then explained what to expect during the check-up, among which is crying. After our conversation, she led us to the dentist’s room. I was instructed to hold Manu facing me, while I sit perpendicular on the dentist’s chair. Manu will be in a lying position so that his head will rest on Dra. Tala’s lap, while the rest of his body will lay on mine. At this point, the dental assistant brought in three Oral-B toothbrushes and asked Manu to choose a color. I picked the blue one as my little boy didn’t want to do the choosing. The assistant then removed the toothbrush from its packaging, applied a tooth gel cleanser and handed it over to Dra. Tala. This is it, Manu. Hold on to mommy. The good dentist then opened my baby’s mouth and quickly examined his teeth. Good. Good. He isn’t budging. She then went on to brushing my darling’s teeth. Good. Still calm. A few minutes have gone by and Manu was lying still and just observing and “feeling” everything. I almost was in tears about my baby behaving so well. The dentist noticed this too and commented that Manu is making her job too easy. After brushing, a banana flavored fluoride was applied. And that was it. Manu’s first visit to the dentist had ended. Without budging. Without crying. Without throwing a fit. Great job, Manu! Mommy and Daddy are very proud of you!

Here are some of the pictures taken during the dental visit:


shape sorting

brush..brush..brush your teeth

..brush them everyday..

..mommy and daddy and baby manu brush them everyday..