Got tagged by Jen. Thanks dear, I enjoyed doing this.

First name?: Michelle
Like your name?: Yes
Named after anyone?: That Beatles song
Any nicknames?: Kelly, Kel
Age?: 3_
Birthdate? : February 22
Birth place?: Philippines
Time you were born?: Have to check my birth certificate…
Current location?: Manila
Height?: 5′2
Like your height?: Yes
Eye color?: Dark Brown
Contacts/glasses?: Yes/Yes
Hair color?: I don’t know what color my stylist put on me. Hehe
Natural hair color?: Black
Dye your hair often?: No
Righty or lefty?: Righty

Your favorites…
Type of music?: R&B
Band or singer?: As of the moment – Eric Benet, Usher, Ne-Yo
TV show?: Heroes, House M.D., Everybody Loves Raymond, The Insider, Ambush Makeover
Movie?: Liar Liar (never fails to make me laugh), Lord of The Rings, Kill Bill Series, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Sixth Sense
TV channel?: Lifestyle Network, etc, etc 2nd ave.
Radio station?: 89.9, 89.1, 93.1, 99.5
Place to be?: At home, really. or Singapore with the family
Thing to do?: Spend time with the family, Shop, Dance
Food?: Korean dishes, Pasta, Rice and Ulam!
Non alcoholic drink?: Iced Tea
Alcoholic drink?: I haven’t in a looong time, but I used to order light beer
Animal?: Shi-tzu forever!
Holiday?: Christmas
Season?: Summer
Sport? : None! I suck at it
Place to shop?: Singapore
Clothing brand?: Mango, Zara, Tyler
Scent?: Light Blue, Pacific Paradise, Incanto Charms
Restaurant?: Korea Garden, Cibo, Fish & Co.
Fruit?: Japanese Pear. They’re to die for!
Vegetable?: Don’t like them
Fast food restaurant?: McDonald’s. Jollibee
Pizza topping?: Bell Peppers and Onions
Ice cream flavor?: Chunky Monkey
Magazine?: In Style, Preview, Smart Parenting, Working Mom, T3
City?: Singapore
Color?: Black
Number?: 22

This or that…
Chocolate or vanilla?: Vanilla
Pepsi or coke?: Coke
Hot or cold?: Cold
Black or white?: Black
Dog or cat?: Dog
French toast or pancakes?: French Toast
French fries or onion rings?: Onion Rings
Hamburger or hot dog?: Hamburger
Pepperoni or sausage?: Pepperoni
Britney or Christina?: Christina
McDonalds or Burger King?: McDonalds
50 Cent or Eminem?: 50 Cent
Canada or Mexico?: Can’t say. Haven’t been to both
Hug or kiss?: Kiss
Movies or TV?: Movies
Truth or dare?: Truth! (duwag ako eh)

Do you…
Shower daily?: Hell yeah!
Sing in the shower?: Yes
Like to sing?: Yes
Like to dance?: Love it!
Smoke?: No
Drink?: No
Curse?: Yes. But never in front of my kid
Talk to yourself?: In the shower, yes!
Believe in yourself?: Yes
Play an instrument?: No
Go to school?: Went, yes
Go to college?: Finished it
Have a job?: Yes
Like your job?: Yes
Want to get married?: I am
Want to have kids?: Yes. I already have one
Get along with your parents?: Yes, but I do disagree with them sometimes. I just don’t let them know about it
Get along with your siblings?: Yes
Drive?: Yes

Random …
Do you think you’re trustworthy?: I am probably one of the most trustworthy persons you’ll meet
Think you’re funny?: Sometimes…
Ever toilet papered someones house?: Ummm… No?
Gone garbage can tipping?: I don’t think so, no.
What are your parents names?: Rudy and Lin
Siblings names?: Pao, Toni, Stef, Dave
Do you wash your hands frequently?: Hell yeah!
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?: 3x
Collect anything?: No
Ever been in love?: Yes
In love right now?: Yes!
What color pants are you wearing right now?: Orange boxers
How does your hair look?: Fabulous. Just went to the salon this morning
Ever had your heartbroken?: A lot
Ever broken the law?: Yes
Been arrested?: No
Been out of the country?: Yes
Can you stick your fist in your mouth?: No!
When was the last time you got drunk?: Never
Do you do drugs?: Never tried them
When was the last time you were high on anything?: The first time I entered Mango after giving birth. I missed the clothes. Now I finally could wear them again.
Do you prefer the lights on or off?: Depends
Would you ever get plastic surgery?: Yes! Yes! Yes!
Do you prefer boxers or briefs?: Briefs
Do you like to laugh?: Yes
Ever had a bloody nose?: Never
Have you ever caught a fish?: Never
What was the last thing you ate?: Sinigang na baboy with brown rice
What time do you go to bed?: Usually around 1130pm
What’s your favorite color?: Black, pink
Do you like to give or receive?: Receive. Haha
Are you obsessed with anything/any one?: No
Do you live alone?: No
Do you own a blender?: Yes
Do you like the snow?: Wouldn’t know. Haven’t experienced it yet
Ever been up a mountain?: No
Ever been rootin’?: Jen:”WHAT?” Yes, What?
Do you like surprises?: Yes!

I’m tagging Peachy and Jesse