A few of my blog friends have been noticing my kikay header lately, so I decided to blog about it. Yes, those are mine – both the shoes and the feet. But I’d rather talk about those shoes since they really are the topic of interest. So, to my fellow kikay mommies, let me introduce you (if you haven’t been yet) to Melissa.

I had first known about the brand through the shopcrazy website. I was initially intrigued by the shoes’ very chic and trendy designs, but what really whetted my curiosity were:

  1. The Make. Who would believe these shoes are made of plastic? Yes, they are made of plastic. But not any ordinary plastic though. Melissa Shoes are made from a special material called MELFLEXTM , which molds to the shape of your feet, thus the comfort and the perfect fit.

  2. The Smell. Melissa Shoes are also known for their candy-like smell. I doubted in the beginning if the shoes will retain their sweet smell after several uses. But these shoes proved me wrong. My Campanas are a proof! They have been with me for over two months, and have worn them a number of times. In fact, I’ve worn them through a storm and were even subjected to flood waters. But lo and behold, they still are pretty and deliciously smelling as ever.

I currently have three pairs in my closet:


Glam White

Glam White

My Glam WhiteMy Glam White_2


Glam Lace Black

Glam Lace Black

My Glam Lace Black


Campana Zigzag Gold II

Campana Zigzag II Gold

My Campana Gold


If you want a pair or two (or three, maybe four?), you could grab them at Mia Bella at Serendra, Mix at GB3 (where we get ours), Culte Femme at Rustan’s Makati and Shangri-La, and Anthem at Powerplant.

Tip: You may want to call ahead and reserve for a pair since stocks run out fast!!!

For more info on Melissa Shoes, check out their web page here.