I just had a supplier call me a few minutes ago, and here’s how a part of our conversation went:


Me: Can you just send me brochures or literatures of your product?

Supplier: Okay ma’am. Is it okay if I email it to your personal address?

Me: That would be better, actually.

Supplier: Ma’am, can I have your email address?

Me: Okay. It’s kelly underscore verano — k-e-l-l-y verano…

Supplier: Ma’am how do you spell it? V as in boy?

( 😯 Here we go again! For the nth time people! Did you not hear what I just said? Verano! VVerano! VVVerano!)

Me: As in Victory… (haaay…)

Supplier: Thank you po, ma’am.

Me: Thank you din.


Flease feofle, I am tired op you asking dat question alraydy…