I almost fell off my seat when I read this.

Never did I expect, nor even think of getting such an award. And from someone who I look up to? This is truly a huge huge surprise. Oh Feng, I feel that I don’t deserve it, sa totoo lang. First, I am such a novice blogger (read: 15 posts in 6 months). Second, I’m not proud of my writing. It’s not terrible, but it still needs much improvement. Third, I don’t find my entries “relevant” (The Husband assumed it’s the reason why I got an award. Ha! Relevant to me, most probably). And so the question remains: Why me? I guess what you wrote says it all:

A Blog friend who is always ready to lend an attentive ear even to my mabababaw kind of posts. Her gestures of being so nice and friendly (as evident in the comments) continue to lead me to positivity, making me feel that my mabababaw kind of posts weren’t that mababaw after all

I guess it’s not being about how long one has been blogging. It’s not about spectacular compositions and writings. It’s not even about being relevant. What matters is how a person positively affects other people’s lives. And I am happy to learn that I have done this with a blog friend.

Anyway. Enough of the drama.

Balik na tayo ulit sa kababawan. Goyard Jeanne here I come!!!!