Parang dinilaan ng kambing

That’s how Gats describes my newly straightened hair.

Three days after my eight hour (yes! 8 solid hours) rebonding session with Ben, my hair is as oily as fried lumpia. Of course I hate it, but I could not do anything about it because of the 3-day “do not wet hair” rule. Oh well, tomorrow is just a few hours a way… (I purposely didn’t take before and after pictures because: 1. the camera was inside the car and i was so tamad na to get it; 2. ben finished doing my hair at 12 midnight – i was so tired and sleepy to take any more pics)


I was so looking forward to Manu’s first day at The Little Gym last Saturday. You see, these 45-minute sessions are bonding moments between mommy and Manu, and despite of the as-if-i-worked-out-myself activities, I always cherish every session. It was just so so unfortunate that I caught the cold virus a day before. It was really bad that I decided to just let daddy be the parent inside the gym area. I just watched the mag-ama from outside the facility (as in sa labas ng TLG area).


I met a pregnant mommy while I was watching the birds class. She was also watching her 10-month old girl during the session. She also has a son currently enrolled in the beasties class. It amazed me that her kids’ ages are less than a year apart, and yet, she doesn’t seem to mind at all. My reaction comes from the fact that while Gats and I discuss loads about child spacing, it seems that some parents don’t worry about it.


Yaya Wella, who took care of Manu since he was a newborn, has asked permission to leave work. Honestly, I kinda saw it coming already because of kutob (sa totoo lang, magaling akong kumutob). I also noticed that she was looking tired and haggard during the past weeks. She reasoned that she can not take care of my baby properly any longer because of her sickness (ovarian cyst), which has caused her a great deal of physical pain. So I’m currently looking for a new yaya. I pray to find someone who can be as trustworthy and reliable as her. And someone who could love Manu as much as yaya Wella does.