Thanks Feng for the tag. It’s my first time to be tagged and am so excited! πŸ™‚ You definitely got me thinking about the subject. So, here goes my list…

  1. I HATE it when my feet comes in contact with another person’s skin when I am sleeping. I just get plain irritated!
  2. I can’t sleep without MY pillow. The weird thing is, MY pillow is as hard as a rock!
  3. To send me to sleep, I have this habit of making kiskis my feet on MY pillow. The more weird thing is, my sisters also have the same habit! (Manu has already presented signs of this habit. He uses his hands though instead of his feet) πŸ™‚
  4. I refuse to go out of the house without donning a pair of earrings. I just feel naked without them.
  5. I walk at a snail’s pace.
  6. I still browse/read wedding magazines despite having gone through all the wedding brouhaha two years ago (though I’d still go through getting wed over and over again. I love the excitement that goes with all the preparations.)
  7. I like raisins in my dishes, but do not actually eat them.

There you go.

Now, who to tag? Jody and Abie πŸ™‚