I had the chance to watch a few morning shows during my two-week stint as Manu’s nanny last June, and had stumbled upon a couple of Nick Jr. cartoons that I absolutely adored:

1. The Backyardigans



I had come across this cartoon series during one of Manu’s morning naps. Right after he dozed off, I wanted to check what was on at the Lifestyle channel but I couldn’t get myself to change the numbers because I was so fascinated with the dancing prowess of these characters. Heck, they could even pass as Britney’s back-up dancers!

I’m certain that toddlers love this show because of the wonderful animation, the lovable characters and their amazing adventures, and can’t-help-but-dance-to-the-beat music. Personally, I love this show because I, Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, Tasha, and Austin have the same love for dance.

2. The Wonderpets



The Wonderpets is a cartoon show where three classroom pets (Tuck the turtle, Linny the guinea pig, and Ming-Ming, the duckling-my personal favorite) travel around the world to rescue animals that need their help.

What I like about this cartoon series is how they promote the concept of teamwork. Despite the size of these cute and cuddly animals, they go and rescue their kind n times their size. They succeed in every adventure not because of super powers (which they don’t have anyway), but because of teamwork. As the show’s famous tagline goes: “What’s gonna work? Teamwork!”