August 2007

Thanks for the tag Nice!

Rule: Name five of the Best Nights of your Life and then tag four people.

    1. May 21, 1995 – our first kiss 🙂
    2. May 22, 1995 – the night Gats and I officially became a couple (yes, nauna pa po ang first kiss, lol)
    3. February 22, 2004 – the night he gave me The Ring
    4. February 12, 2005 – our wedding night }:-)
    5. March 06, 2006 – the night I became a Mother

      I’m tagging Abi, Jane, Monet, and Jacqui


      I forgot to give Gats his baon for today, just as I did yesterday (bad wifey!). He hasn’t texted me about me not giving his allowance yet. Not to fret, he has the atm card purposely for emergency withdrawals. He could use it in the meantime.

      Yes we are that kind of a couple. Husband surrenders earnings to Wife. Wife budgets.

      Hmm… I wonder how many couples have the same type of arrangement?

      Thanks Feng for the tag. It’s my first time to be tagged and am so excited! 🙂 You definitely got me thinking about the subject. So, here goes my list…

      1. I HATE it when my feet comes in contact with another person’s skin when I am sleeping. I just get plain irritated!
      2. I can’t sleep without MY pillow. The weird thing is, MY pillow is as hard as a rock!
      3. To send me to sleep, I have this habit of making kiskis my feet on MY pillow. The more weird thing is, my sisters also have the same habit! (Manu has already presented signs of this habit. He uses his hands though instead of his feet) 🙂
      4. I refuse to go out of the house without donning a pair of earrings. I just feel naked without them.
      5. I walk at a snail’s pace.
      6. I still browse/read wedding magazines despite having gone through all the wedding brouhaha two years ago (though I’d still go through getting wed over and over again. I love the excitement that goes with all the preparations.)
      7. I like raisins in my dishes, but do not actually eat them.

      There you go.

      Now, who to tag? Jody and Abie 🙂

      I had the chance to watch a few morning shows during my two-week stint as Manu’s nanny last June, and had stumbled upon a couple of Nick Jr. cartoons that I absolutely adored:

      1. The Backyardigans



      I had come across this cartoon series during one of Manu’s morning naps. Right after he dozed off, I wanted to check what was on at the Lifestyle channel but I couldn’t get myself to change the numbers because I was so fascinated with the dancing prowess of these characters. Heck, they could even pass as Britney’s back-up dancers!

      I’m certain that toddlers love this show because of the wonderful animation, the lovable characters and their amazing adventures, and can’t-help-but-dance-to-the-beat music. Personally, I love this show because I, Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, Tasha, and Austin have the same love for dance.

      2. The Wonderpets



      The Wonderpets is a cartoon show where three classroom pets (Tuck the turtle, Linny the guinea pig, and Ming-Ming, the duckling-my personal favorite) travel around the world to rescue animals that need their help.

      What I like about this cartoon series is how they promote the concept of teamwork. Despite the size of these cute and cuddly animals, they go and rescue their kind n times their size. They succeed in every adventure not because of super powers (which they don’t have anyway), but because of teamwork. As the show’s famous tagline goes: “What’s gonna work? Teamwork!”