It’s really difficult to find a decent helper these days. Early this week, I wanted to strangle mine because she stained two of my favorite white shirts! Just this morning, I found (again!) a stain on a recently purchased M&S underwear. What’s more infuriating is every time I ask her “Ano nangyari dito? Namantsahan mo na naman ba?”, she’d answer “Di ko alam ‘te. Di ko nakita.” Huuuwaaatt?!! Unbelievable! Eto pa. How come it’s MY clothes that suffer all the staining, and never my husband’s?! His barongs are white, and all are devoid of blemishes. Please explain!


My anger now 90% pacified, I decided to be a bit more patient on teaching my helper on how to do the laundry MY way. I honestly don’t have any idea on how long this will take. And frankly, I am terrified of the thought that this process would cost me. I’d allow a couple thousand pesos. And that’s that.